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Reigate and Colley Hills

These hills form part of the North Downs and are a backdrop to Redhill and Reigate

The Simpson Memorial on Colley Hill. Dedicated to Captain George Simpson of the 5th Battalion, Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment, in whose memory this part of the hill (about three acres) was donated to the Corporation of Reigate by his mother. He died, at the age of 26, in 1909, after a short illness, the nature of which is unknown.

The Inglis memorial on Colley Hill was donated to the Borough by Lieutenant Colonel Inglis in 1909. It was originally a drinking fountain for horses. It is now on open downland but this is at the top of the original route up Reigate Hill.

Bluebells in Nut Wood at the back of Reigate Hill

Reigate Hill, Christmas Day, 2005

Nut Wood in  winter

Our house in Redhill

The Priory and Park in Reigate

The Commons around Reigate & Redhill

Reigate & Colley Hills

Surrounding countryside