Michael G. Ormerod • Home page • Science • Community interests • Leisure Jordan, 2004 Julie in the Dead Sea. She really is floating; her bum is not on the sea floor! We spent two days in Petra exploring the old Nabataean ruins and tombs, dating from about 200 BC to 200 AD. From about 300 BC until 0 AD, the Nabataeans controlled most of what is now southern Jordan. Petra To learn more about the Nabataeans, click here.  My pictures of Petra are here and of Wadi Rum here. We then drove to Rum, from where we walked in the desert of Wadi Rum, where we spent four days walking and scrambling over the sandstone hills. At night, we camped in the desert. We completed our journey by camel. Finally, we snorkelled in the Red Sea at Aqaba during the last day of our holiday.